Helping Transitional Age Youth

We provide all Transitional Age Youth access to resources and education in order to healthy, successful and thriving adults.


Our education platform delivers life skills education and training to Transitional Age Youth ages 14 to 24. Our platform is the only web-based independent living skills platform that can provide county wide access to independent living skills so that we can improve the outcomes for the Transitional Age Youth. Our platform delivers, tracks and monitors life skills participation for Transitional Age Youth for county programs or transitional housing programs.

We provide interesting modules that resonate with young adults and offer the ability to streamline life skills training while tracking progress and encouraging interaction.


The Transitional Age Youth population is not ready to handle life on their own coming from a foster home or group home experience due to the lack of life skills and unresolved trauma. Within 18 months of emancipation, 40-50% of former foster youth become homeless – we want to provide these youth the tools to combat that.

It is recorded that former foster youth experience Post Traumatic Stress disorder at a rate two times that the level of U.S. war veterans and often have to deal with the trauma of losing friends, homes, communities and often siblings. The constant disruptions and limited access to personal resources leave many foster youth without the support needed for independent life after 18 years of age. We want to offer resources to increase emotional and social well-being.

By offering our online modules we are striving to increase successful education. One in five Transitional Age Youth lost financial aid due to failure to meet academic progress and where 70% of teens coming from foster care report wanting to go to college, only 1% actually graduate.

Through learning to budget and manage money, we hope to increase financial stewardship and the ability to secure and hold on to a job.

25% of former foster youth will be incarcerated within the first two years of emancipation.


We allow agencies access to the online platform that delivers interactive modules, podcasts, videos and relevant information pertaining the basic life skills but also the socio-emotional skills needed to become successful adults.

  • Accountability – Participants answer reflection questions in order to get “credit” for the module and is then saved in their platform to track progress

  • Affordability – The cost is half the cost of actually hiring a full time ILS coach, offering workshops and paying to get youth to attend. Costs are categorized based on how many youth and staff are within each agency.

  • Credibility – Videos and podcasts are provided by experts in the field – with topics ranging from job interview techniques, budgeting and money management skills, cooking and health education, sexual education and maintaining healthy relationships.




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